Case Cutting & Extraction


Manual box cutting operations are inefficient, dangerous, and are in desperate need of technical innovation. CASI’s one-of-a-kind box cutting and product extraction systems are the only patented system on the market that can optimize box cutting operations. CASI’s patented box cutting and product extraction systems can increase productivity, reduce damaged product, and eliminate injuries due to manual box cutting. The Intelligent Box Opening Device (IBOD) is an automated, inline, pass-through box opener that uses advanced robotics to automate manual box cutting operations. The IBOD can be combined with an automated product extraction system to remove the contents and dispose of the box and/or lining. CASI has developed custom robotic applications that empty box contents into hoppers, bins, super sacks, and conveyors, and separate the liner and dispose of the corrugate and plastic separately. Here’s how it works. A carton is fed to the IBOD via infeed conveyor, which is sorted to the appropriate lane. Then, the box enters the cut zone while being dimensioned by top-of-the-line Datalogic sensors. Next, the selected cut recipe is used to cut the carton. After the carton is cut, the box is conveyed out of the cutting zone. Lastly, the box is sorted to the outfeed conveyor. CASI’s proven case cutting solution has improved our customers’ productivity by more than 3x, reduced damaged product up to 70%, and eliminated the inherent injuries due to manual box cutting.

  • Integrated Dimensioning System
  • Easy to use touchscreen HMI
  • Integrated Diagnostics
  • Dynamic cut pattern selection
  • Dynamically programmable cut depth
  • Automatic blade wear monitor
IBOD Options
  • Automatic Blade Changer:
    • IBOD models are available with an optional automatic blade changer (ABC) that senses dulling blades and changes them automatically in seconds. The “ABC” provides IBODs with significantly less blade changing time maximizing throughput.
  • Cut Options
    • IBODs can be equipped with the additional programming and tooling for a window cut for easier picking during the order fulfillment process or a top tape cut to preserve the box for reuse.
  • Automated Lid Removal
    • Automatic Lid Removal is an option that automatically removes and discards the lid.
Modular Platform
  • A modular design provides for a building block solution affording easy future expansion of capacity.
  • The modular design also reduces complexity, increases reliability, and offers redundancy capabilities.
  • Modules are equipped with wheels allowing for easy site positioning and future new site re-deployment.
  • All modules are “plug and play” (just roll them in, set their feet, attach the feeds, and plug them in).
  • The modules are organized in a modular fashion with common Ethernet, air, and power connections.
  • All modules make use of a common set of reliable parts, reducing the need for large spares depots.
  • Each module is equipped with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to allow for graceful shutdown.