CASI Intelligent Automated Fulfillment System


Implementing an automated fulfillment system is often one of the best long-term investments a company can make.
Whether your company is experiencing massive growth, quality issues, or a high employee turnover rate, switching to an
intelligent automated fulfillment system will give you more control over your operations by eliminating bottlenecks, increasing
efficiency, and collecting higher-quality data. Adding intelligence to your fulfillment system may seem like a no-brainer, but in
order for it to be effective, it will need to align with your current and future goals. Below are some things to keep in
mind when implementing a fulfillment system.

Install a modular system

Modular solutions afford you the flexibility to expand your operations without having to redesign the entire system.
Modular platforms use tried and tested technology that allow components to be added, removed, or replaced easily
without having to do major engineering or programming.

The CASI Blox system was built to accommodate future upgrades in any size warehouse. Every CASI system is designed on
the same platform, allowing various add-ons and components to be arranged in the most effective way possible. When you
need to add a new process to your system, such as barcode scanning or labeling, installing a modular system will provide
you the flexibility to do so.

Plan for off-the-shelf parts

Choosing a system that uses off-the-shelf parts makes maintenance easier as your system grows. By standardizing
machines and components, you can also stock wear parts to minimize downtime. In addition to speeding up maintenance
operations, off-the-shelf parts are more readily available and standardized than custom parts. When a machine goes down
and you need to find a new part quickly, off-the-shelf parts can be a huge time saver.

Look for experienced manufacturers

Choosing manufacturers with extensive histories will provide you with peace of mind, since they will likely be more suited
to accommodate your current and future needs, and they’ll be around for the long haul to provide support. If your
operations ever change and you need to upgrade your system, an experienced manufacturer will know exactly how to help
and will be able to match your current system to your new operation or process.

Moving to a new facility

When you need to move to a new or larger facility, the first call you make should be to the manufacturer who designed and
built your automated fulfillment platform. They can make any transition seamless, removing the system from your old
warehouse and installing it in your new space while optimizing it for the flow of the new building.