A Commitment To Lean Manufacturing

  • 169,000 square feet of manufacturing space.
  • In-house quality control and inspection.

CASI headquarters boasts 189,000 total square feet. 40,000 square feet of office space for our engineering and support teams. 169,000 square feet of space dedicated to lean manufacturing, building, inspecting, and delivering custom-tailored solutions to our customers.

What is lean manufacturing?

Lean manufacturing follows 5 simple principles, key principles: identify value, map the value stream, create flow, establish pull and seek perfection.

  • Identify Value: We have a discovery conversation to understand our customer’s unique processes and needs to discuss a concept solution.
  • Map The Value Stream:  We formally draft and design a solution based on our customers needs, while providing lead time from manufacturing to delivery.
  • Create Flow:  After the design and lead times are agreed upon,  the steps to production begin.
  • Establish Pull: For scalable solutions, we ensure that flow steps are optimized to ensure that our customers can “pull” a solution within an expected time frame.
  • Seek Perfection: With each customer that we serve, our processes are reviewed and improved upon. Where ultimately each completed project moves CASI one step closer to a streamlined automation solution provider.