Automated Box Resizing with CASi-SmartBox

CASI Smartbox Cutting Head
The CASi-SmartBox automated box resizing system is an intelligent box resizing solution that will help drive down your dimensional weight shipping costs by right-sizing boxes of any dimension.
1. Height of highest items in the box are precisely detected.
2. Excess corrugated removed and permanent adhesive applied.
3. A lid is manually or automatically applied.

CASi-SmartBox Features

  • AUTOMATIC BOX RESIZING OF RANDOM CARTON FOOTPRINTS – No need to consolidate carton sizes into standard footprints.​
  • SHIPPING SAVINGS CALCULATOR – SmartBox automatically calculates parcel savings for each box on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.​
  • NO CUSTOMER IT SUPPORT REQUIRED – SmartBox requires no customer IT support. It is a true, drop-in, end-of-the-line solution.​
  • LOW COMPLEXITY- No need to route certain carton sizes, full cases, or mailers onto different lines. SmartBox allows the pass-through of packages that don’t need to be resized.​
  • PRODUCTIVITY CALCULATORS- SmartBox provides data points such as; the number of blade changes, production rates, idle rates, capacity usage, etc.​
  • BRANDING FLEXIBILITY- SmartBox allows customers to use unbranded boxes upstream while placing the branded lid of your choice at the box is resized.​
  • INTELLIGENT ROI CALCULATOR- Portable test station which weighs and dimensions packages, calculates DIM savings, and accurately estimates an ROI.​
  • SUSTAINABILITY CALCULATORS- SmartBox includes intelligence that tracks how much dunnage and corrugated is removed from the waste stream. It also calculates improved transportation efficiency through higher truck density.