CASI Automatic Bagger

Automatic Bagging Solutions

Fully-Automated Bagging Manifest

CASI leads the industry in providing fully-automated bagging systems and pack stations for mail order fulfillment and eCommerce operations.  CASI has designed a patented, secure, retractable tote that can transfer product with ease and efficiency. The tote travels up an “Elevator” and travels to the bagging zone. The tote retracts and releases the contents into the bagging module. The tote travels to the automated take-away conveyor to be refilled. Within the context of a manifest system, the complete auto bagger completely automates the pack-out, documentation, weighing and labeling of orders. With the fully-automatic bagging system, CASI has created a truly one-of-a-kind system.

Semi-Automatic Bagging

Our standard automated bagging solution includes an integrated scale, work order scanner, printer and software. Once a bag is sealed and manifested, CASI provides an automated take-away conveyor that can feed an overhead sortation system to sort packages to multiple carriers. Custom pack stations can also be designed to meet your specific application and requirements.

  • Increase packing efficiency
  • Cut packing labor requirements
  • Save on materials costs
  • Avoid dimension and weight penalties & freight costs