In-Line Manifest Systems With Scales, Dimensioners, & Scanners


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In-Motion Scales

CASI manufactures a full line of in-motion scales and checkweigher systems for retail distributing, manifesting and filling operations. The CASI 950 is a free standing, self-contained in-motion scale designed for rugged manufacturing and distribution center use. The CASI 950 is extremely accurate, dependable and its integrated control makes installation a snap. Available in roller or belt conveyor designs, the CASI 950 can be easily custom fitted to your scale applications. This incredibly stable platform delivers superior accuracy and reliability due to a simple but effective design. The standard checkweigh system employs the CASI CORE system controller as a single point of control for the checkweigh system.   The CASI 850 is an in-motion scale designed for small part or carton use with a standard product weight range from 0.1 lb. to 25 lbs. Resolution for the CASI 851 is 0.01 lb. with accuracy to 0.05 lb. The CASI 851 utilizes primarily off-the-shelf components rather than proprietary controllers, giving the customer the ability to purchase replacement parts from local vendors. The CASI 861 utilizes electromagnetic technology for small parts or carton use that require very high accuracy. The standard product weight range is from 0.1 lb. to 25 lbs with a resolution of 0.01 lb with accuracy to 0.001 lb.

  • Full line of scales for wide range of applications
  • Combine with a dimensioner, scanners, and labeler for a complete manifest system
  • WMS host communications and Integrated Diagnostics

In-Line Dimensioners

CASI manufactures an in-motion package dimensioning (cubing) system that is an integral part of our turnkey manifest lines. SolidCube is typically sold in conjunction with a CASI in-motion scale to accurately capture and record package dimensions & weights. The SolidCube 4010 from CASI provides the automation needed for put away or shipping operations requiring high accuracy with 1/8″ dimensional accuracy. The 4010 is capable of high speed operations and operates either as a standalone or easily integrates into existing conveyor systems.

  • Self-contained and easy to install
  • Combine with an in-lines scale, scanners, and labeler for a complete manifest system
CASi Checkweigh