Order Picking: Hardware & Software

Order picking methods vary as greatly as the distribution centers that use them. Order picking systems design is a key part of every CASI solution. Some of the most common deficiencies warehouses experience are excess walking and the inaccuracy of human touches and decisions. When warehouses rely on the manual pick and pack process, the results are long cycle times for data collection and slow pick times.

Smart Carts

CASI smart-cart

The advantage of CASI’s Smart Cart is the intelligent software that minimizes walking, improves pick times and reduces operator errors. The CASI server receives all of your orders from your host system. CASI’s software optimizes your pick waves based on a number of variables such as inventory locations, SKUs in the order and more.  The CASI server then distributes orders to each Smart Cart.  Each cart is equipped with a mounted tablet, rechargeable battery, and a hand scanner. Having multiple assigned orders to a cart allows for bulk picking SKUs to multiple orders which is a much more effective picking method than picking one order at a time. CASI selects the cart based on your container parameters.  The tablet is a flexible feature that can be mounted to different carts as your pick carts change over time. CASI’s Smart Carts are flexible to your picking methodology.

Tablet-Based Picking

CASI specializes in tablet-based picking, the most effective approach on the market today. Tablet-based picking is superior to other picking systems in every way. More effective than pick-to-light and pick-to-voice, tablet-based picking excels in high performance picking operations for a lower cost with less integration. Tablet-based picking has a configurable GUI interface, yielding a customizable and easily updated experience for the user. No matter what volume of SKUs you are handling, CASI can design and implement comprehensive picking systems to fit your unique requirements with reliable and flexible intelligent solutions.

A-Frame Dispensers


CASI’s A-Frame Dispenser systems can be arranged in various configurations to automatically dispense fast and medium moving items. Items can be dispensed either directly into totes or shipping cartons or onto a conveyor for downstream sortation. Replenishment can be performed on the fly, at any time without stopping the picking process. Each dispenser is built using 9’ plug and play modules that can easily be configured for your operation. Dispensers are great for hard good products that can be uniformly stacked including round objects such as pill bottles.

  • Dispense to belt, tote or shipping container
  • Adjustable channels
  • Replenish on the fly
  • Modular plug-and-play design