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ECommerce automation is the present and the future. E-Commerce business and operations, specifically the online order-fulfillment process, can be time-consuming. It can present some dynamic challenges for warehouse management and inventory management if the process is not efficient. With the growing demand for buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS) order fulfillment, online stores, online retailers, even small businesses and big-box retailers are moving to some form of order fulfillment automation. From a business standpoint, this can save on traditional order fulfillment costs and shipping costs.

At CASI, our team of engineers utilizes the best available automation technology. We develop and manufacture custom-tailored e-commerce order fulfillment automation solutions that are custom-tailored to your unique processes and application.

Featured E-Commerce Automation Solutions

All of our solutions are designed to be flexible, scalable, and modular to help you dynamically grow seasonally and grow with future demand in your fulfillment operations. Our team works to understand your existing process to develop the most efficient e-commerce automation solution system that seamlessly integrates into your operation. Providing a maximum return and improve overall efficiency.

Implementing automated workflows with real-time data and feedback into your BOPIS order fulfillment process will ensure faster order processing times and quicker shipping times. Providing a better customer experience. The demand is trending and growing at a rapid pace. Are you in a position to automate your e-commerce process to meet this demand? Schedule a solution consultation today.

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