Automated Order Fulfillment Solutions & High-Speed Labeling for Pharmacy Fulfillment

CASI’s Automated Pharmacy Order Fulfillment Solutions & High-Speed Labeling for Pharmacy Fulfillment are designed for high-volume, central fill facilities. CASI’s pharmacy order fulfillment solutions are compatible with wave-picked orders and feature automated tote decant.

What does CASI’s Automated Pharmacy Order Fulfillment do?

  • Central Fill Pharmacy – Allows high-speed labeling of prepacked medicines in central fill pharmacies.
  • When the prescription order is received, the central fill pharmacy either wave picks or dispenses the order, and the CASI Pharmacy Automation Solution, patient labels and consolidates by the patient.
  • Scan verification – Ensures the correct product is assigned to the correct patient, and the image is captured of the labeled package.
  • After order consolidation, the CASI auto decants tote and automatically dispenses the order into a polyshipper or box.
  • Up to 80 prescriptions can be labeled and sorted per minute.
  • Patient documents can be printed and automatically inserted with the order.
  • Minimal operator interaction is required.
  • Highly modular. Fits any pharmacy size.
  • CASI’s automatic bagging solution includes checkweigh verification.

CASI’s Pharmacy Automation Technology

  • Automatic Labeling – Accurate labeling of unit-of-use boxes utilizing precision robot labeling technology.
  • Automatic Document printing, folding, queueing, inserting, and verifying.
  • Automatic Bagging of orders using a CASI Automated Decanting Tote.
  • Remote QA – pharmacist inspection and approval operation from anywhere in the world.

Modular Platform

  • Provides for a building block solution enabling future expansion capacity.
  • CASI’s standard design reduces complexity and increases reliability.
  • Modules are equipped with wheels allowing for easy site positioning and future new site re-deployment.
  • All modules are “plug and play” (just roll them in, set their feet, attach the feeds, and plug them in).
  • All modules make use of a common set of reliable parts, reducing the need for large spare depots.
  • Each module is equipped with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to allow for graceful shutdown.

Patient Order Safety

  • Each CASI Automated Decant Tote has a unique barcode identifier to track orders in progress.
  • Each bagged order is automatically weighed and verified against a calculated expected order weight

Enhanced Security

  • Orders are filled in CASI Automated Decant Tote that inhibits physical access to items.
  • Orders have full traceability and event recording throughout the system, which allows easy troubleshooting.

Additional Features

  • Every module utilizing robots has doors that sense opening and automatically shut off robot movement.
  • The system implements Emergency Cut Off devices to halt automation equipment in an emergency.
  • Energy-efficient and quiet conveyor components turn on and off automatically per zone as needed.
  • Modules incorporate redundant components allowing continued operation during a component failure.
  • Operator handling of totes with exceptions occurs before automatic bagging to allow easy inspection.
  • Automatic bagging can automatically route orders to a bagging module with an appropriately sized bag.