CASI Visualization


See the benefits of your system before you buy

Take advantage of CASI’s exclusive visualization software and experience accurate simulations of your system in operation to identify cost savings, productivity increases, and labor estimates.


Accurate and reliable

CASI Visualization simulations are incredibly accurate and realistic. Everything, from the weight of individual boxes to the friction they create on rollers and belts, will be accounted for to provide production insights based on real world physics with an impressive level of accuracy.


Unmatched insight

Based on an actual data export from your warehouse management system, CASI Visualization will break down exactly how your new system will improve your operations. From cost savings estimates to productivity increases, you’ll know how long will be required to recoup your investment in the new system.


Ideal for any industry

No matter what industry you work in, CASI Visualization will work for you. We simulate:

  • Order Fulfillment
  • Warehouse Receiving
  • Parcel Shipping
  • Picking Systems
  • Parcel Sorting
  • Book Sortation
  • Shipping Systems
  • Automated Box Openers
  • Case Cutting
  • And More!