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Warehouse Controls System (WMS) – SolidSuite

Software is at the heart of any automated system, and CASI’s SolidSuite Warehouse Controls System (WCS) software will meet all of your requirements for WMS/ERP integration and reporting. SolidSuite is a suite of pre-engineered software modules that provide unsurpassed performance and serve as the foundation of our industry-leading solutions. Based on the Microsoft SQL platform, it is designed, written, and supported by CASI in-house engineers. CASI’s SolidSuite CORE functionality includes System Manager and SolidComm.

System Manager allows users and CASI’s support team to visually monitor your entire process from any location to quickly troubleshoot any issues that may arise. This remote support feature is invaluable when on-time delivery is the number one metric.

SolidComm is the system’s application for interfacing with any current or legacy host system. SolidSuite and its respective modules provide a user interface for each major application including packing, wrapping, verification, check weight, manifest, and sortation.

SolidSuite warehouse control system comes standard with an operations dashboard to provide real-time feedback of each process including Status, Rates, Quality Metrics, and Utilization. SolidSuite is customized for each unique user requirement including user screens, required data logging, and reporting. With hundreds of successful installations worldwide, SolidSuite offers feature unmatched by our competition.

SolidSuite Intelligent Software
Key Features of SolidSuite
  • Built on Microsoft SQL Server
  • Wave order management
  • Interface with WMS / ERP
  • Web Reporting Capability
  • System log of all events
  • Remote Support via System Manager
  • Web based (.Net) framework allows all devices such as RF terminals, computers, etc. to use the interface without running separate applications.
  • Unattended Import/Export: XML or TCP/IP protocol for real-time upload and downloads.
  • Automatic reconnect capability is provided if the host connection is interrupted.
  • Batched Import/Export: order information passed with an ASCII file or FTP, or XML download.
  • Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
  • ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) interface provides access to a relational or non-relational databases.
  • HTTP protocols versus sockets for applications such as pick to voice offers connectivity advantages


SolidPick is an operator prompted picking system for variable split case applications in material handling automation.


SolidShip is the single point of control for in-motion common carrier manifesting. SolidShip can be used to automate your end-of-line shipping system.


SolidPack is an operator prompted order picking and carton packing system for variable split case pack stations.


SolidSuite—System Manager provides the tools for monitoring real-time conveyor system status so managers & maintenance personnel can react to problems as they happen.


SolidComm is the communications module that enables CASI to exchange data with host systems. SolidComm can be configured to interface with an existing customer API (data interface; URL or server) as well as a direct data connection to Customer’s server/SQL/Oracle DB.


SolidLabel is the single point of control for Automatic Labeling Systems including compliance labeling & random product labeling and RF Tag compliance.


SolidCount is the single point of control for production counting, Automated Order Auditing and Automated Receiving.


SolidWebReports(SWR) is the integrated reporting option for all SolidSuite systems. SWR provides real-time data from conveyor controls, barcode scanners and web cameras.


SolidCheck is an advanced checkweigh management module that enables you to setup the production run and to accept or reject products that do not fall within acceptable weight parameters set by the user.


SolidSuiteRX directs, controls, and tracks every operation within the pharmacy production arena, from forecasting bulk demand to verifying delivered patient prescriptions.