Automated receiving, powered by CASi-SORT or our CASi-FlashSort, will transform the receiving process; to your most time-consuming, highest turnover area. Into a much faster, more efficient, improved inventory accuracy process for your retail and warehouse operation.

  • PRIORITY SORTING – Customize & prioritize sort locations in real-time, to adjust for out-of-stock, high-value, or sensitive merchandise.
  • LABOR REDUCTION – Automate the most time-consuming and error-prone aspects of receiving – verification, documenting, & sorting.
  • REDUCE SHRINKAGE – Scanning each product on arrival provides a quick & easy way to monitor the expected vs. actual shipments.
  • SAVE SPACE – When not in use, CASi-SORT’s wings fold up to dramatically reduce the system’s footprint.

Get the most out of your CASi-SORT with the following modular options:

CASi-Conveyor – Move and Gap inventory at 132 feet per minute
CASi-IBOD – Intelligently cut any box size at a rate of up to 900/hour

Customized Receiving Solution

If you’re going to automate your receiving area – why settle for less than you need? Regardless of which CASi-SORT model you choose, the additional Sort Wings and Inline Print & Apply options will end up saving you valuable time and money after every use. With its plug-and-play architecture, CASi-SORT systems come standard in either a 5 or 7 wing configuration, with the option to add or remove wings as needed. CASI’s optional print & apply system allows for sub-sorting capabilities, by applying a label with additional sort locations within each wing.


Custom automated conveyor systems designed for dynamic material handling in challenging environments.

Automated Box Cutting

An inline, pass-through box opening solution with an automated box cutting for safe inventory extraction.


Intelligent, dependable sorting, diverting, and routing with CASi-SORT.


Transform your depalletizing system to be a high-speed, efficient, and safer process with CASI’s solutions