Your #1 choice for a long-lasting, energy-efficient rigid, modular conveyor.

Our CASi-Conveyor 24 Volt Rigid modular conveyor offering consists of a series of 24V Motor Driven Rollers. These motor-driven rollers are distributed along the length of the conveyor. Each roller zone is capable of multiple speeds and has the capability of having independent starting and stopping zones.

All of our powered conveyor systems are made in America with Lozier’s expertise in manufacturing and CASI’s engineering. Together, Lozier + CASI are providing maximum production efficiency, ensuring the best lead time in the industry at an affordable price. If you’re looking for a flexible conveyor, contact us today.

CASi-Conveyor 24 Volt Rigid Modular Conveyor

CASi-Conveyor 24 Volt Rigid Modular Conveyor Benefits

  • Safe & Quiet, Energy Efficient 24V DC Operation
    • Smart use of power (sleep mode)
    • No energy requirements when the product isn’t flowing
  • Modular Design
  • Easy Configuration with Minimal Maintenance
  • Longer Life Expectancy
  • Minimum Pressure or Zero Pressure Versions
  • Greater Speed Range Options
  • High Torque & Low RPM
    • Provides the necessary power to handle larger and heavier products and materials
    • More flexibility by having larger zones and fewer motors