Pick to Light System with CASi-PickLight

Looking to improve your pick system? The solution to efficiency and accuracy in the last mile of your picking operations while increasing productivity is now available with CASi-PickLight. CASI’s pick to light system can easily be integrated into your existing shelving and footprint.

Utilizing multi-colored LED light devices, the learning curve is minimal and can easily be implemented into your existing order picking process. Your pick rate is increased. Your picking errors are drastically reduced. Labor costs stay minimal.

CASi-PickLight allows condensed storage of multiple orders that can maximize your existing storage footprint. The CASi-PickLight is ideal for in-store BOPIS order fulfillment. It can also be scaled to be incorporated into larger warehouse operations for high-volume warehouse picking. CASi-PickLight can complement your overall warehouse management system.

To complete your overall order fulfillment operation, see our CASi-MICRO ASRS and our CASi-CART.