Inbound & Receiving

Flexible Receiving

CASI’s Flexible Receiving system provides a simple, accurate, and configurable receiving process for large retailers, grocery stores, sporting goods, consumer electronics, department stores, and other big box retail outlets. CASI’s mobile and collapsible design fits most backroom floor plans and can be easily moved and put away for non-receiving activities. The system is robust, built to last, and easy to troubleshoot and repair anywhere in the world.

  • Reduce manpower for receiving and sorting
  • Restock shelves much faster
  • Minimize workplace injuries
  • Improve receiving accuracy and efficiency

For fast, accurate sortation of inbound freight, look no further than CASI’s cross-docking solution. CASI works with customers to achieve competitive advantage and improve handling times with bi-directional sortation. Our SM-100 seamlessly integrates with our ZPA conveyor at a low cost. CASI’s cross-docking solution advances the supply chain of our customers by sorting products in a quick and efficient manner. We consider a variety of factors such as product dimensions, rates, and handling requirements to determine the best way to reduce the amount of time inventory is in the warehouse.