Returns Systems

Consumer Goods Returns

One of the major challenge retailers face is managing the inflow of returns from seasonal goods, damaged products, excessive inventory, consumer returns and more. Returns processing represents one of the most overlooked opportunities for savings and improvement available to retail operations. CASI has developed turnkey solutions that provide our customers with huge cost savings and efficiencies in their reverse logistics processes. We utilize barcode scanning, OCR, pattern recognition, dimensioners, and inline scales which can be used to assist an operator in identifying the product. Products are barcode labeled with a “license plate number” for identification throughout the system. Conveyors and sortation systems are used to move and sort products to flow racks or gaylords for putaway or to repack stations for research and repair.

Books and Media Returns

CASI provides automation solutions to distributors and retailers of new and used books and media, including magazines, DVDs, and video games. Books and media are received and placed on the conveyor by multiple operators without the need to space (gap) products, as the system performs this task automatically. Each item is automatically scanned to identify the product and then sorted to proper location. While providing automation, CASI’s software recognizes the customer’s data for each item, and verifies returned items. The weight can be captured to identify items that do not have a barcode, and barcodes can be applied with an optional print-and-apply or precision labeler. CASI also associates each item with a jpg file, with accurate dimensions and actual weight of the unit. The customer is provided with multiple levels of data for their internal administrative operations and on-line sales. Items can be sorted by publisher for returns, gaylords for bulk resell or salvage, or pack stations or put away locations for redistribution.

  • Maximize throughput
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Increase accuracy