Shipping & Manifest

CASI manfactures and integrates both standard and custom shipping systems for single and multicarrier shipping operations. Most shipping areas consist of manual manifest stations with several steps of scanning, weighing, cubing, and applying a shipping label. Our automated systems typically replace the labor of 24 manual operators.


CASI provides turnkey shipping solutions for single carrier, multicarrier, and multiline systems. Typical systems include:

  • Order ID scan (License Plate Barcode) and lookup
  • Parcel Checkweigh for shipping weight and/or pick verification
  • Automatic print and apply of shipping label
  • Verification scan to ensure order ID is married to correct shipping label
  • Reject for exceptions such as noread, bad shipping label, wrong shipping weight, etc.
  • Parcel sortation to carrier, service type, zipcode, etc.

Our SolidShip software provides an interface to rules based carriers’ applications such as UPS Connectship, FedEx Powership, Airborne Linkage and other rules based applications, allowing for automated inline manifesting of multiple carriers on the same line. If you are shipping a few hundred to several thousand cartons per day, automation is the tool that will save money, labor, human mistakes, and provide excellent ROI in under a year.


Are you a rate shipper using ClipperShip, Pitney Bowes, or other rate shipping software? No problem. Both SolidShip and SolidLabel integrate seamlessly to generate labels, interface the rate shipping software, and verify the shipping label was applied to the intended package.


Downstream functions include multicarrier sortation based on carrier (FedEx, UPS, etc.), service type (Overnight, Express, Ground, USPS First Class, etc.).

Automated Bagging

The growth in eCommerce and new volumetric shipping charge requirements have forced many companies to look at alternatives to traditional corrugated boxes for shipping. CASI leads the industry in providing semi and fully automated bagging systems for mail order fulfillment and eCommerce. CASI’s standard solution includes an integrated scale, scanner, printer, takeaway conveyor and manifest software. The bag is automatically sealed and a label is printed on the bag.

Our fully automated system eliminates the packing operation by combining products for an order into a specialized tote with retractable openings. Once all of the products are placed into the tote, the system automatically prints, folds, and places product literature and/or packing lists into the tote. The tote is then conveyed into a bagging module, where the contents are dropped into a bag that is labeled for shipping. Both the semi and fully automated systems incorporate a takeaway conveyor that moves the labeled and sealed bags to an optional overhead sortation system to sort the packages to the various carriers.

  • Maximize throughput
  • Reduce volumetric shipping costs
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency
Print and Apply Manifest

CASI designs and manufactures both standard and custom shipping systems for single and multi-carrier shipping operations. CASI’s standard manifest systems are designed for small parcel and mailer shipping lines with weights under 25 pounds and medium to large parcel shipping lines with weights under 70 pounds. The system captures the ID by scanning the barcode on the incoming package. Each package is then weighed on a in-motion scale and cubed with a CASI dimensioner. This data is automatically sent to your WMS and a manifest label is generated. The manifest label is printed and applied to the shipping container, bag or envelope and then sorted accordingly.

Precision Labeling Manifest

CASI’s Precision Labeling Manifest system dimensions and identifies incoming containers or product to precisely apply a label without covering existing labels or barcodes and avoiding tape and case seams. The system can accurately print and apply labels regardless of product position, height or orientation, eliminating the need to orient or line up your incoming products. Precision labeling, combined with our proven in-line scales and scanners, is the most advanced shipping and manifest system on the market today.

  • Avoid tape and case seams
  • Apply multiple label formats
  • Multiple container types on same line
  • 99.9% accuracy

Time associated with placing product barcodes on each individual items can be a huge order-fulfillment deficiency.  CASI’s Precision Product Labeling solution is a good flexible solution that allows you to label different SKUs on the same line. The product dimensional variance determines which robot is selected. Vision systems are used to track product down the line so the robot can find a place to apply the label.  A scanner then verifies the label is applied.

  • Label a variety of SKUS on the same line
  • Cover up existing barcodes
  • Modular and flexible
Multi-Carrier Sortation

CASI manufactures a complete line of automatic sortation systems for cases, parcels, mailers and individual items and products.  Our turnkey solutions are tied together with conveyor, software and controls and configured to meet your unique requirements. Boxes, cartons, and/or bags are sorted by their respective carrier or class. UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS cartons can be sorted by carrier and class (Red, Blue, Ground, etc.). CASI considers a variety of factors such as product dimensions, rates, and handling requirements to determine the best fit for your application. Multi-carrier sortation provides a rapid ROI and is an important addition to any shipping operation.

  • Maximize throughput
  • Reduce shipping costs
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency