Healthcare & Pharmacy Automation

Support-Pharmacy-Automation-Full-LineCornerstone Automation Systems, LLC (CASI) designs, manufactures, installs, and services pharmacy automation solutions to retail stores, mail order companies, long-term care facilities and correctional pharmacies. We address all production functions including bulk drug ordering & receiving, pre-packaging, on-demand packaging, pill canister replenishment, dispensing, picking, labeling, sorting, documentation printing, bagging, boxing, weighing, shipping, and more. Our modular Next Generation Pharmacy Automation product line handles bottles, vials, single-dose cards, multi-dose cards, and unit of use (UOU) items. We can pre-pack pills or package pills on demand. Additionally, through advanced technology, packaged product can be automatically patient labeled without the need for pharmacist verification. If full or sample pharmacist verification is desired, prescription validation, label checking, and canister fill verification can all be virtually inspected by pharmacists at remote workstations. Also, CASI offers total functionality pharmacy software, named SolidSuiteRx, which interfaces with any Pharmacy Information System, logistics provider, shipping company, or other pharmacy control software to seamlessly tie in the product line. SolidSuiteRx directs, controls, and tracks every operation within the pharmacy production arena, from forecasting bulk demand to verifying delivered patient prescriptions.

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