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Box Resizing

Drive down your dimensional weight shipping costs with the CASi-SmartBox parcel resizing system.

Box Cutting

CASI’s one-of-a-kind automated system that cuts boxes, removes the lid, and extracts the contents

Flexible Conveyor

Our Powered Flexible Conveyor expands and contracts for easy mobility and storage and includes adjustable variable speed settings up to 132 feet per minute

Scan, Print,
& Apply

Inline print and apply and robotic precision labeling systems


Pop-up sorters, overhead sorters, pushers and diverters that sort and route boxes, cases, totes, and bottles

24-Volt Conveyor
& Zone Routing

Traditional conveyors and automated guided vehicles (AGV) that move boxes, cases, totes, bottles, individual and other items through the system


Tablet-based picking, robotic picking and automated dispensing systems that streamline picking items to complete an order

Inline Manifest

In-motion scales, inline scales, checkweigh, and cubing systems that determine the dimensions and weight of items in the systems

Robotic Palletizing
& Depalletizing

Palletizing and depalletizing solutions from CASI are recognized throughout the packaging industry for reliability and pioneering technology.


Scan tunnels that utilize pattern recognition, barcode, RFID, and vision-based systems to identify and locate items in the system

Automated Unloading
Receiving, and Sorting

Transform the receiving process into a faster, more efficient, improved inventory accuracy process of your retail and warehouse operation.

Bagging Solutions

Automated baggers, bottle cappers, blister card sealers, case sealers, and folded documentation insertion

Robotic Labeling

Accurately print and apply labels regardless of product position, height or orientation.

Software Integration
& Expertise

Integrate solution software into your existing infrastructure.

Technical Service

24/7 Customer Support