Today’s warehouse operations and distribution centers present some dynamic and time-consuming challenges. At CASI, our team of engineers utilizes the best available automation technology to develop and manufacture custom-tailored material handling warehouse automation solutions for your unique processes and application. All of our warehouse solutions are designed to be flexible, scalable, and modular to improve efficiency.

Our team works to understand your existing warehouse management process to develop the most efficient automation system that seamlessly integrates into your warehouse management system (WMS) and inventory management system. Providing a maximum return and improve overall efficiency.

With the growing demand for online and pick-up in-store order fulfillment, order picking, ensuring quick inventory turnaround from your warehouse to the floor is now a legitimate concern for all goods to person operations.

Is your warehouse and distribution center in a position to meet this demand? Are labor costs consistently growing? Need a solution that can quickly give you a good return on investment and that doesn’t cut into your overall bottom line? Schedule a solution consultation today. Follow us on LinkedIn.

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