SolidComm is the data exchange software that enables SolidSuite to exchange data with legacy host systems.  The interface is available for all SolidSuite modules and custom systems and works extremely fast for large downloads with error checking on import.

The flexibility of SolidComm allows the scheduling of system events and processes. The easy-to-use graphical interface is Windows-based for seamless enterprise integration.

SolidComm uses a variety of communication methodologies including ASCII, FTP, XML, Message Tables, ODBC, ADO or Socket Connection. Automatic reconnect capability is provided if the host connection is interrupted. Supported host platforms include but are not limited to IBM mainframes, AS400, UNIX, DOS and Microsoft Windows.

Unattended Import/Export

XML or TCP/IP protocol for real-time upload and download communications. Automatic reconnect capability is provided if the host connection is interrupted.

Batched Import/Export

Data exchange software – Batched Import/Export order information passed with an ASCII file or FTP, or XML download. The following diagram shows the FTP interaction between the controller and host. Solid error-free communication.

Open Database Connectivity

Since its inception in 1992 ODBC has rapidly become the industry standard interface for developing database independent applications. Is also the emerging standard interface for SQL based database engines replacing many of the first generation Embedded SQL and proprietary call level interfaces provided by database engine and database connectivity middleware vendors alike.

ActiveX Data Objects

ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) is an application program interface from Microsoft that lets a programmer writing Windows applications get access to a relational or non-relational database from both Microsoft and other database providers.