SolidCount is an advanced order auditing software that integrates fixed position barcode scanners, RF tag readers, and conveyor controls producing dynamic production counting information and management reports.

SolidCount Applications

  • Order Fulfillment
  • Returns Processing
  • Automatic Receiving
  • Real-time Statistical Production Data
  • Multi – Production Line Real-time Reporting
  • Production Data Archiving
  • Automated Data Collection

Single Point of Control

Designed as a single point of control for production counting, automated order auditing, and receiving, SolidCount order auditing software seamlessly integrates with fixed position scanners, RF tag readers and conveyor controls.

Designed to Integrate with Other SolidSuite Modules

SolidCount utilizes the SolidComm data management module as a versatile single point interface into legacy applications such as WMS, ERP, and existing conveyor controls. The reporting tools serve as an invaluable asset managing consumables consumption and providing real-time views of throughput.

Integrated Reporting

SolidCount is designed to maintain the last two months of accurate production statistics. Superior production reporting and scheduling is possible using the included reports and statistics. In addition, all production data can be exported for using in other applications such as Excel, Access or report generators such as Crystal.