SolidPick is an operator prompted split case order picking software system used to streamline pick modules. SolidPick saves time and labor by automating the item selection process and providing automated feedback via CASI Core picking interface or SolidSuite 2010 web based applications using .Net technology. The software can interface a number of picking technologies including pick to light, pick to monitor, voice picking, and more.


  • Order Fulfillment
  • Pick & Pass (Zone Routing)
  • Picking using RF Scanners
  • Picking using Voice Terminals
  • Picking using Pick to Light Modules
  • Pick to Belt Applications
  • Batch Picking
  • Pick to Cart
  • Paperless Order Picking

Built In Real-Time Management Reports

SolidPick order picking software provides real-time statistics on picker efficiency & error rate using the included reports and statistics. WAN web reporting tools can be added using SolidWebReports, allowing an enterprise-wide view of the operation via the internet. The reporting tools serve as an invaluable asset managing consumables consumption and providing real-time views of throughput. In addition, all data can be exported for using in other applications such as Excel, Access or report generators such as Crystal.

Designed To Integrate With Other SolidSuite Modules

SolidPick utilizes the SolidComm data management module as a versatile single point interface into legacy applications such as WMS, ERP and existing conveyor controls.  Unlike many standard WMS products, SolidPick is designed to integrate seamlessly with conveyor automation like SolidRoute in zone route, pick to belt, pick and pass and carousel applications.