SolidCheck is an advanced in-motion scale management software tool that integrates check-weigh scales, scanners or RF Tag readers and conveyor controls with legacy applications for in-motion carton check weighing. SolidCheck incorporates advanced Statistical Process Control formulas that provide real-time data on process control for inline scale systems. The SolidCheck system provides reports for each individual scaling station.

Single Point of Control

Designed as a single point of control for in-motion check weighing, SolidCheck seamlessly integrates with fixed position scanners, RF Tag Readers, in line scales and conveyor controls. SolidCheck utilizes the SolidComm data management module as a versatile single point interface into legacy applications such as WMS, ERP and existing conveyor controls. The reporting tools serve as an invaluable asset managing consumables consumption and providing real-time views of throughput.

Designed to Integrate with Other SolidSuite Modules

SolidCheck can be combined with the other SolidSuite modules to handle zone routing, labeling, in-line manifest and sortation. SolidComm provides a reliable interface into legacy applications such as WMS, ERP and MRP.

SolidSuite Control Module

All SolidSuite scale management software systems run on the reliable CASI CORE. Our control consoles are extremely rugged and able to withstand the high temperatures and abuse that comes from a distribution or manufacturing environment. The embedded UPS and surge protection along with redundant power provides maximum uptime, providing the utmost reliability in check weigh software.


  • Pick Verification
  • In-Motion Check Weigh
  • Quality Control Pick Verification
  • Automatic Manifesting
  • Dynamic Weighing
  • Automatic Receiving
  • Conveyor Scale Applications

Device Control

  • CASI 850 or 950 Scale
  • CASI SolidCube
  • Reject conveyor (SortMaster)
  • In-feed zone control conveyors
  • Data logging and reporting software
  • Remote digital displays
  • Carton Dimensioning Systems