SolidSuiteSystemManager visual management interface provides the tools for monitoring real-time conveyor system status so managers & maintenance personnel can react to problems as they happen. SolidSuiteSystemManager graphically pinpoints the problem allowing you to quickly resolve conveyor systems problems reducing downtime.

Easy to Read Color Coded Information for Rapid Response

SolidSuite SystemManager provides a real-time graphic view of your system with color coding indicating the status of each module.  Color coding is as follows:

Green — Conveyor running normally

Yellow – Product backing up or high throughput

Red – Conveyor is stopped

Blue – Device Failure

All alarm history is logged for later review and troubleshooting. Video or jpeg logs of events are archived as well.

Easy to Use Navigation

A main view of the entire system is available with pan and zoom capability. Each critical area has its own screen to view an expanded view. These views contain access to any support web cams for a real-time view of the system.

Windows 7 Interface with Web Cam Support

SolidSuite SystemManager visual management interface provides a familiar windows XP interface to your conveyor system making critical information graphically available to you for fast troubleshooting response. This information combined with the built-in webcam support and SolidSuite cell phone/pager alarms allows the SolidSuite system to provide maximum diagnostic assistance to resolve issues quickly.


  • Sortation Systems
  • Conveyor HMI
  • Single Point of Control for Distribution Center
  • Pick & Pass (zone route)
  • Automated Shipping Systems
  • Returns Processing

Cornerstone Automation systems provides state of the art shipping solutions, distribution center & automated product fulfillment automation using SolidSuite.