SolidWebReports (SWR) is a Warehouse Inventory Reporting Software that is a companion product to the SolidSuite designed by Cornerstone Automation Systems. SWR is a configurable tool that enables your enterprise to have real-time access to your most critical system parameters and metrics in real-time using real-time reports software.

Utilizing the data gleaned by SolidSuite’s integration with barcode scanners, RF tag readers, conveyor, and machine controls, SWR allows capturing real-time information about your production process. Flexible and easy to use, the system provides a detailed graphical analysis for virtually any manufacturing or distribution process. All images or videos can be archived for later review.

Real-Time Web Camera Views

SWR Warehouse Inventory Reporting Software provides a real-time view of the customer’s facility utilizing web cameras built into the report view. This view can be historical or live. SWR includes up to four cameras at no extra charge.

Standard Reports

  • All production line totals by hour
  • Daily production total
  • Production line speed five-minute period
  • Production downtime daily total
  • Barcode Scanner detail with breakout of fixed position, hand held and manual entry by minute, hour and daily total
  • Production line downtime histogram per line
  • Production line downtime histogram for all lines
  • Production line downtime reason by five-minute period
  • Track record hours by line for each day
  • Up to 10 custom reports