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Automatic Box Cutter – CASi-IBOD

Herman Jackson, Maintenance Supervisor at Herbalife, describes all the improvements they have logged since the company began using CASI’s IBOD system to open boxes over four years ago.

Extreme Reliability
“It is a very reliable machine. We’re using it for about 85% of our work load.”

Adaptable and versatile
“The IBOD is great at adapting to various box sizes. The machine is self-adjusting, so you know if you want to fine-tune it, you can enter each box type into the machine, or you can just let the machine do its own adjusting.”

“The main benefit of the system to us has been safety. A lot of people would get cuts on their fingers and hands and arms, but the IBOD has practically eliminated the injuries from box-cutting.”

Frees Up Staff
“The IBOD actually freed up people to do other things that were needed throughout the warehouse.”

Excellent Customer Service
“When we call up the customer service, within a few hours we will get someone to call us and give us a handle on what we need to get done. If it is something that we cannot fix over the phone, then they’ll send a tech rep here to actually make the repairs.”

Great People, Great Machine
“CASI was an excellent choice. It’s an excellent machine. They are great people to work with, and they have great technical support. I have actually had a few people call me up, and they have made purchases, based on the conversation we’ve had about the CASI machine, the technicians, and the tech support.”

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