Cornerstone Automation Systems Provides Tailored, Turnkey, and Tested Solutions.

Each solution is custom designed to your specific facility needs. Each solution is scalable and can be tailored to any application, and is appropriate for small, medium, and large companies doing business in a variety of industries.

Box Opening System

Safely cut and open up to 950 boxes per hour with the CASi-IBOD

Sortation System

Intelligent, dependable sorting, diverting, and routing with CASi-SORT.

ASRS System

Efficient, cost-effective micro fulfillment solution with CASi-Micro ASRS.

Right-Size Box System

Exponentially cut rising shipping costs with the CASi-SmartBox.

24v Conveyor System

Move and transport materials with AGILITY™ Powered Flexible Conveyor.

Inline Manifest System

CASI’s full line of scan, print and apply applications are great for shipping applications where orders are packed in similar sized containers.


SolidCheck is an advanced in-motion scale management software tool that integrates check-weigh scales, scanners or RF Tag readers and conveyor controls with legacy applications for in-motion carton check weighing.