New Limeco, LLC, is one of the largest full-line tropical fruit and vegetable growers and shippers in Florida. Their product line includes the finest quality Avocados, Limes, Mangoes, Papayas, and Latin roots and vegetables available.  Learn more about New Limeco, LLC

Turnkey solution at New Limeco

“When a group of our customers requested new product labeling to help track inventory on produce we ship to them, we didn’t know where to turn for a solution. We needed a reliable system that could automate the entire process for us without slowing down order processing. We also needed it quickly.

“That’s when we were introduced to Dan Rayna at CASI. Dan worked with a local engineering group to design a system that met our needs, and he made it very easy to understand exactly how CASI could help us.

“When the machine arrived it was completely turnkey. The whole system was actually delivered in one package. The technicians from CASI had the machine installed, bolted to the floor and running by the second day. The guys who came here knew exactly what they were doing, so there weren’t any hidden issues or delays.”

Unmatched service

“The machine itself is not very complicated to operate, but the guys from CASI still took the time to train our staff. They showed us how to replace wear parts, operate the software, and troubleshoot any issues.

“Anytime we run into a problem I pick up the phone and call Wes. He really bridged the gap between customer service and technical support, and has been instrumental in helping us become more self sufficient.”

Significant bottom line savings

“Not only were we able to reliably meet our demands and the needs of our customers, but there were also substantial cost savings from switching to the CASI system. Before the CASI system was installed, we knew we were slightly over packing our shipments so that they all met a minimum required weight. The new system has an inline scale that keeps all of our boxes consistent and prevents over packing. This has resulted in significant bottom line savings for our business. Ultimately, the machine paid for itself in the first year.

“I not only recommend CASI to my friends, but I actually keep inviting my competition over so they can see the machine in action. The future of our business hinges on automation, and I believe CASI can meet those needs for any task in the produce industry.”

– Don Edgar, Operations Manager