Sortation Solutions


CASI’s Automated Sortation Technology

High volume order fulfillment distribution centers rely heavily on the process of sorting. These businesses are only as fast as the efficiency of processing orders and the demand it requires. A solution to your sortation in the warehouse needs to be high speed without losing efficiency. CASI’s wide range of proven sortation technology allows our customers to fully realize the potential of an automated sortation system.

Implementing sortation into an overall warehouse automation system can be simple or complex. Our sortation technologies have proven to be low cost and extremely effective in fulfilling any customer’s application. We’ll even automate your labeling coupled with our SolidLabel software. 

Video Gallery with Sortation Integration

Bi-Directional Sortation

The foundation of a CASI warehouse sortation system begins with the SM-100. It is a low-maintenance, reliable material handling and product handling two-way pop-up sorter. It is designed for moving parcels and heavier caseloads to a specific destination.

When rates are lower than 40 cartons per minute, the SM-100 pop-up sorter is a low-cost option to conventional diverters. It works seamlessly with our ZPA conveyor systems and CASI’s overall line of automation solutions.

  • Reverse operation
  • Reduced spare parts and maintenance
  • Low cost installation

Overhead Sweep Sortation

The CASI SM-150 is in a class of its own. With its 100% electric design, the SM-150 sorts products and parcels up to 90 per minute. The SM-150 is mounted over a moving conveyor and includes bi-direction “paddles” that sweep the item into a diverted location.

The SM-150 outperforms similar sorters at a much lower cost. The SM-150 is a low-maintenance and reliable solution for small parcels, poly bags, media, and small boxes. Ideal for small items, cases, parcels, and flats, the SM-150 is one of the most popular sortation systems on the market!

  • Sort small items, primary packaging, flats and parcels
  • Simple poly bag sorter
  • Modular design
  • Low cost installation and maintenance

Pushers and Diverters

CASI manufactures a broad range of pushers and bi-directional sorters for exception handling, parcel sortation, and other applications. The CASI SM-130 is a pusher sorter designed for rejecting cartons from any conveyor. This solution is ideal to avoid cutting conveyor and when box weights are up to 75 lbs. The SM-130 LD is designed for lighter cartons and the SM-130 HD is designed for heavy cartons where rates are under 30/minute.

  • Easy installation—no need to cut conveyor
  • Support product widths from 12 to 36 inches and weighs up to 75 lbs.