Sortation Solutions

Bi-Directional Sortation

The SM-100 is a low-maintenance, reliable bi-directional pop-up sorter for parcels and heavier caseloads that works seamlessly with our ZPA conveyor. The SM-100 pop up sorter is a low cost option to conventional diverters when rates are lower than 40 cartons per minute. We consider a variety of factors such as product dimensions, rates, and handling requirements to determine the best fit for your application.

  • Reverse operation
  • Reduced spare parts and maintenance
  • Low cost installation

Overhead Sweep Sortation

The CASI SM-150 is in a class of its own. With its 100% electric design, the SM-150 sorts products and parcels up to 90 per minute. The SM-150 is mounted over a moving conveyor and includes bi-direction “paddles” that sweep the item into a diverted location. The SM-150 outperforms similar sorters at a much lower cost. The SM-150 is a low-maintenance and reliable solution for small parcels, poly bags, media and small boxes. Ideal for small items, cases, parcels and flats, the SM-150 is one of the most popular sortation systems on the market!

  • Sort small items, primary packaging, flats and parcels
  • Simple poly bag sorter
  • Modular design
  • Low cost installation and maintenance

Pushers and Diverters

CASI manufactures a broad range of pushers and bi-directional sorters for exception handling, parcel sortation, and other applications. The CASI SM-130 is a pusher sorter designed for rejecting cartons from any conveyor. This solution is ideal to avoid cutting conveyor and when box weights are up to 75 lbs. The SM-130 LD is designed for lighter cartons and the SM-130 HD is designed for heavy cartons where rates are under 30/minute.

  • Easy installation—no need to cut conveyor
  • Support product widths from 12 to 36 inches and weighs up to 75 lbs.