E-Commerce & Retail Order Fulfillment


CASI’s approach to order fulfillment allows maximum flexibility. With a long list of standard products, CASI adapts a standard design and process to the application. This approach minimizes engineering costs as well as manufacturing and installation time.

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Zone Routing

CASI’s Pick-to-Pack (zone routing) solutions are a cost effective and simple approach to automating order fulfillment. The picker works within a specific zone and the system routes cases or totes to the appropriate pick zones based on the orders. CASI’s software dynamically controls the flow of the cases and totes to each zone and directs the picking activity for each picking zone.

CASI specializes in the cost effective and highly customizable tablet-based picking. CASI’s A-frame dispensers and robotic picking solutions can be integrated to automatically dispense medium to fast moving products directly into the tote or case.

Cartonization software can be used to determine the best size shipping container. Mobile pick carts can be used to pick slow moving items. Separate pack-out stations can be eliminated by picking directly to the shipping case, and automated bagging systems can be integrated for orders that are shipped in bags.

Pattern Recognition

CASI utilizes cutting edge DataLogic sensors combined with CASI technology to allow for item recognition without barcodes. CASI’s pattern recognition uses a vision system to identify products being packed. This helps improve efficiency and reduce errors during order fulfillment.  Vision systems can also detect and verify if the correct items are packed in a case for orders, and reject incorrect items for manual inspection. CASI’s advanced pattern recognition system increases overall throughput while maintaining accuracy and efficiency.



CASI’s Sort-to-Pack (wave picking) solutions are the fastest and most accurate way to batch pick and sort orders. Sort-to-pack is very effective in large facilities with thousands of high-volume SKUs and a large number of picks per order. Products are picked in batches from different zones using various methods of picking, including pick-to-light, pick-to-voice, and pick-to-tablet, or via A-frame dispensers or robotic picking cells. The product is placed onto a belt, the barcode is scanned, and the product is sorted to a chute representing an order. Product can be sorted to a tote, box, poly bag, or manual pack station.



The Pick-to-Belt order fulfillment strategy is primarily used to automate the transport of order requirements from product storage locations to the primary shipping location. Cartons are batch picked onto a conveyor where they are transported to a Sortation system where palletization occurs. This method works well for full case picking that will be palletized for shipment. CASI is experienced in integrating the picking, transportation and replenishment technologies for these operations.